Police Museum(警察博物館)


Police Museum

  • The Police Museum displays an array of exhibits tracing the history of the Japanese police from its birth to the present, and introduces you to the current activities of the Metropolitan Police Department. The Museum is the place where you can see, learn, and experience the MPD.
  • Explore the life and work of the MPD's founder and its first Superintendent General Toshiyoshi Kawaji, major cases in the Department's history, and changes in police uniforms and equipment. You'll also be introduced to the MPD's personnel assigned to various fields of police service.
  • Have fun learning what it's like to be a police officer with child-friendly attractions, such as animation movies and police-work simulators.
  • For international visitors, most exhibits are displayed with English captions.
  • Audio guides are available.



9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Closed on Mondays (or the next day if falling on a national holiday) and Year-end and New Year holidays (Dec. 28 - Jan. 4)




3-5-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0031


  • Kyobashi Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line) 2-min. walk from Exit 2
  • Ginza Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza/Hibiya/Marunouchi Lines) 6-min. walk from Exit A13
  • Ginza-itchome Station (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line)  4-min. walk from Exit 7
  • Takaracho Station (Toei Asakusa Line)  5-min. walk from Exit A4
  • Yurakucho Station (JR) 7-min. walk from Kyobashi Exit
  • Tokyo Station (JR) 10-min. walk from Yaesu South Gate

Cautions When Visiting

  • Eating and drinking within the museum is not allowed. (drinking beverages near the vending machines is permitted.)
  • Coin lockers are not available.
    Furthermore, large bags, strollers, etc. cannot be left at reception.
  • Photography is prohibited in the exhibition rooms on the 4th and 5th floors.
  • Pets are not allowed.

The exhibition contents

6F Event Hall

Enjoy special exhibitions themed around police, and take part in events where you can experience MPD activities first-hand.

5F Changing with the Times (History of the Police)

Learn about significant historical events and their backgrounds, and discover how the MPD has evolved and changed since its inception to keep pace with society.

  • Memoir of Toshiyoshi Kawaji
  • Significant events from the Meiji to Heisei eras

4F The Present and Future of the MPD (Safeguarding the Capital)

Tokyo-Japan's capital and an international metropolis. Learn what threats face Tokyo and how the police protect its citizens.

  • Mini theater
  • Explore activities of each Bureau, and more

3F The Capabilities to Resolve Incidents and Accidents

Learn how police officers fight and solve crimes and accidents in the capital city of Tokyo through interactive exhibits.

  • Hands-on experience at apolice box
  • Lift fingerprints, and more

What's it like to work at a police box?

Challenge yourself to police work

Challenge yourself to police work

2F Protecting the People and the City

Community involvement is essential in preventing crimes and accidents.
Get ready-to-use tips on crime prevention here.

  • Leam about crime prevention through adiorama
  • Experience 110 emergency calls, and more

Challenge yourself to police work

Let's learn about the police officers in your neighborhood

Cycling simulator to learn about traffic safety


Get up close to police vehicles and take photos of your kids in police uniforms.

  • Uniform try-on for kids
  • Patrol car, motorcycle,the helicopter "Harukaze," and more

Actual police vehicles on display

Actual police vehicles on display

Uniform try-on for kids

Wanna be a Police Officer?

Kids can try on a community or traffic officer's uniform. You can take photos of your kids on a police motorcycle, etc. on display. (Please make a request at the reception desk.)

  • Uniforms are available in sizes 100/120/140cm for boys and girls.
  • Please bring your own camera.


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