Lost and Found


If you’ve lost property

Fill out a Lost Property Report

Visit the closest police office (police station, police box “Koban,” etc.) and report the loss with the form.
The form can be filed at any police office; however, we cannot accept reports of items that were lost outside Japan.

List of TMPD Police Stations

The form is also available on this website. You can fill it out in advance and submit it in person to a police office.
Please note we cannot accept reports sent by email or otherwise.

If the loss includes a bank card, credit card, or mobile phone, contact the card issuer or mobile phone carrier to prevent misuse.

If you are looking for lost property

You can check online whether lost property has been turned in to the police based on the type of item and the location and date it was lost (available in Japanese only).
However, it may take time for found property to be listed in our database. For an immediate update, contact the nearest police station or the one responsible for the area where you lost it.

If you’ve been informed that your property was found

If you’ve been contacted by a police station or the Lost and Found Center

Make sure that you go to the correct office with required documents.
You can pick up your property during service hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5:15 p.m., Monday through Friday (except national holidays and December 29 - January 3).

If you’ve been contacted by someone other than the police

As for a found bank/credit card or mobile phone, the card issuer or mobile phone carrier will contact the holder/subscriber upon notification from the police.
In that case, check with them which police station keeps it as well as its report number to make sure you visit the correct office during service hours.
To claim a lost mobile phone, its SIM card number or serial number is also required.

Documentation required to claim property

  • Valid identification (e.g., driver’s license, health insurance card, passport, or Residence Card);
  • Written notice if notified in writing; and
  • Letter of Authorization from the owner if someone else is to pick up the property (A family member living with the owner does not need to be authorized in writing except when claiming mobile phones).

If you are unable to pick up the property

If you are unable to pick up the property at a police station or the Lost and Found Center, the item can be sent by mail or other means provided that you pay for the shipping.
For details, please contact the police office that notified you.
You can print necessary forms from the website.

You can also call the Lost and Found Center to receive relevant forms by fax.
Lost and Found Center Phone: 0570-550-142

If you have a hearing, speech or other impairment

Lost Property Box is an online inquiry service intended for people with a hearing, speech or other impairment who need assistance in lost-and-found procedures.
Given the nature of the service, people without such impairments are strongly encouraged to inquire by telephone; otherwise, our response to those truly in need of this Box would be delayed.


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