Special Road Signs in Japan(日本の特殊な道路標識・標示の意味)


Be aware of these signs when operating a bicycle or other vehicle on roads in Japan.

Standard Bicycle-Only Lane


Standard bicycles must use the designated lane.
Also, vehicles other than standard bicycles may not drive in the standard bicycle-only lane, although light road vehicles are allowed as an exception.
* Standard bicycles are bicycles that meet the following conditions.

  • Body size: 190 cm long or less and 60 cm wide or less    
  • Body structure: No sidecars, no seating other than that of the person operating the bicycle (except for child seats)    
  • The brakes are located so they can be used easily while cycling
  • No sharp protrusions

* Light road vehicles include bicycles, carts, horses, and cattle.

Exclusive Lane


These are designated lanes that specified vehicles must use. Other vehicles may not use these exclusive lanes.
* This sign shows a traffic lane for fixed-route buses and other specified vehicles, meaning that those vehicles must use this exclusive lane.
This also means other vehicles may not use this exclusive lane, although they may enter just before turning left at an intersection.

Priority Lane for Fixed-Route Buses and Other Specified Vehicles


This is a designated traffic lane where specified vehicles must be given priority. Other vehicles may use the priority lane, but when there is a fixed-route bus or other specified vehicle about to depart from the bus stop, the bus, etc. has the right of way.


The two signs on the left have the same meaning


Vehicles must stop just before a stop line or intersection.
* When doing so, vehicles must not obstruct traffic at the intersecting roads.


 * The two signs on the left have the same meaning


Vehicles must drive at a speed where it is possible to stop immediately.

No Crossing


Pedestrians must not cross in areas of the road where crossing is prohibited by signs.

Pedestrian or bicycle crossing ahead


This marking indicates that there is a pedestrian or bicycle crossing ahead.
*Upon reaching this marking, drivers should slow down and pay extra attention to the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

Bicycle-only lane

This marking indicates a mandatory bicycle-only lane for ordinary bicycles, designated so that the safety and smoothness of road traffic will be ensured.
*If this marking is present, it is mandatory for cyclists to ride their ordinary bicycles on this lane.


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